(347,244,513 bytes) (347,316,197 bytes) (317,657,584 bytes) (318,343,861 bytes)
Browse -> Torch of Freedom (300,050,688 bytes) (301,649,936 bytes) (297,963,559 bytes) (300,815,644 bytes) (262,355,923 bytes) (259,218,029 bytes) (285,239,936 bytes) (286,072,198 bytes) (491,819,148 bytes) (490,794,651 bytes) (130,045,935 bytes) (129,769,731 bytes)
Browse -> The Baltic War CD (196,312,083 bytes) (195,850,489 bytes) (183,691,105 bytes) (185,034,639 bytes)
Browse -> Unto the Breach CD (190,908,411 bytes) (190,584,539 bytes)
Browse -> At All Costs CD (151,749,777 bytes) (152,838,383 bytes)
Browse -> Ghost CD (162,129,134 bytes) (162,057,580 bytes)
Browse -> Looking Glass CD (155,216,014 bytes) (154,840,642 bytes) (116,544,283 bytes) (116,263,382 bytes)
Browse -> Wind Rider CD (242,596,555 bytes) (239,604,365 bytes)
Browse -> Scepter'd Isle CD (65,790,614 bytes) (65,287,750 bytes)
Browse -> Dragons CD (545,370,223 bytes) (542,143,322 bytes)
Browse -> Slammers CD (438,106,161 bytes) (435,780,255 bytes)
Browse -> Aldenata CD (420,903,618 bytes) (422,053,494 bytes)
Browse -> Honorverse CD (191,633,523 bytes) (192,718,731 bytes)
Browse -> The Spider CD (23,024,010 bytes) (23,475,907 bytes)
P08-1635TheEasternFrontCD (154,915,573 bytes) (155,134,937 bytes) is a common zip archive of a standard CD image. You may need to burn it directly to a CD or use third-party software to view its contents. is a common zip archive of the CD's contents in one file.

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Server Date: 2013-01-06 09:25:25

     Holy crap! My rewrite rules are browser sensitive!
     It's aggressive browser-caching on Firefox's part. Never mind.
     Having issues with my rewrite rules. Trying to keep 404 response down.
     I had already created a simple RedirectMatch ruile that would redirect any attempt to access anything in a CD directory tree to a collective, soft-error page:
     RedirectMatch 301 ^/23-TheEasternFrontCD/1635TheEasternFrontCD/

     It worked fine when I had nothing in those paths to serve.
     Now I want to redirect anything except certain files or anything in certain specific directories. If the specified directory or file exists, I want them to be served, but if they don't a catch-all should redirect to the soft-error page.
     RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/23-TheEasternFrontCD/1635TheEasternFrontCD/images
     RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/23-TheEasternFrontCD/1635TheEasternFrontCD/index.htm
     RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/23-TheEasternFrontCD/1635TheEasternFrontCD/
     RewriteRule ^/ / [R=301,L]

     The way I understand it, if the three rewrite conditions are met, then the immediately-following rule should trigger. So far, it doesn't seem to.
     Anything in the images directory should serve. The specific index.htm file (and for some CDs, an orientation page or extra information page) should serve. Anything else I want to trigger the CD soft-error page.
     But all I get is the standard server-wide 404 response.
     Still working on the rules. For now, I'm just letting the standard 404 page serve, but I will be experimenting with the rules for the next few days.